Elam International, one of the leading business groups of the region, incorporates multiple fields under one roof. Ei has developed a pro-active and professional range of businesses and entities that value our stakeholders, strategic partners, investors, and the Ei team as a whole. Our operations transcend across numerous business segments including Information and Communication Technology, Construction and General Contracting, Distribution, Electronics Repairing Workshop, Trading, Logistics, Fashion, Manufacturing and Education. Building strong partnerships underlies Ei's success. Ei's robust and empowered management team makes it distinct and affordably flexible when it comes to the requirements of businesses. Ei holds diversity, together with many expertise and skills, having a team technically and administratively qualified, endeavoring for excellence in what they do, by delivering the best standards. Ei as a group, including different companies, has delivered multiple projects in their respective fields. The government, banking, national switch, health, education, International NGOs, private businesses and telecommunication are the major sectors we have served in IT. In construction, we have worked for Afghanistan National Army, ISAF, GOA, USG, USACE, NATO, US Navy and RS in large scale projects. We provide travel and tourism, as well as Real Estate Services in Turkey, Brazil, Russia, India, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, China, Thailand and Philippines. Our fashion trading includes branded ladies and gents wears from different countries in commercial market, as well as a well-equipped factory for production of uniforms and outfits. Ei has developed standard strategies and implementation criteria to deliver quality and excellence in all the projects. We maintain our standards, along with initiating new business opportunities for the investors who seek new paths for investing in the region.

Our Services

Information Technology

Network Infrastructure, Security Camera, Time Attendance, Development, QuickBooks, PABX/Call Center, Video Conferencing, Trainings


Design Build, Value Engineering, Outsourcing, Water Treatment, Environmental Engineering, General Contracting, Constructin Management

Trading & Logistics

Supply & delivery of material form local and international markets to government and commercail clients within the time and budget

Electronics Workshop

Repair and mintanance of electronic devices, printers, computers, Installation, Configuration and maintenance of networks


Well equipped showroom of ladies clothes, fashio, cosmetics and all ladies wear from different brands of Turkey, China, India and Bangladesh

Capacity Building

Established in 1989 and still growing, Challenger Academy has played a vital role in developing the language capacity of the local people in English Language

OFC Distribution

Exclussive Authorized Distributors of Optokon Optical Fiber cable and accessories in Afghanistan, providing full range of products and services


Complete range of software development services, ERP (Design, Customization, Development, Implementation, Maintenance and Support)

Real Estate

Property and Real Estate consultancy services in Beylekduzu, Istanbol, Turkey licensed under the name of Kohistani Emlak

Share Holders

Information Technology

Electronics Workshop

Electronics Workshop

Software Development
Muhtat Mobile Trading LLC


Our Team

Akmal Elam

Group Chairman

Akmal Elam, the Group Chairman of Elam International, is a young talent with more than 15 years of consecutive experience in the field of Information and Communication Technology.He has worked both on technical and administrative positions with the world’s leading companies. With a BSIT, BCE and MA degrees, as well as a number of certificates (MCSE, MCITP, CCNA, CCNP), (Financial Accounting, Graphics and Animations, Computer Aided Design, 3D Modeling), he is a successful businessman and an experienced team leader. He has led a number of IT and Infrastructure projects within the country and abroad owned by government, NGOs and SMEs. He speaks, writes and understands Pashto, English, Persian, Arabic, Urdu/Hindi and Swedish.

Abdul Jamil Baryalai

Group CEO

Abdul Jamil Baryalai, a young entrepreneur is the Chief Executive Officer of Ei and the Managing Partner of Muhtat Mobile Trading LLC. With a BBA, he has years of experience in team leading and project implementation. He has served as the international business lead for the government of Afghanistan in Telecom Sector. With great technical writing and communication skills, he has developed many business concepts being implemented in Afghanistan. He is fulent in Dari, English, Pashto and Urdu.

Neeraj Tyagi

Chief Operations Officer

Neeraj Tyagi, an Electrical Engineer by profession, has been into IT business for the last 30 years. He is a professional team leader having accomplished several large and medium size projects for the government of India and Government of Afghanistan. Mr. Tyagi is the Chief Operations Officer of the Group and a Director of the company in India. Besides, He is the director of CMM and Target Electronics. He speaks, writes and understands English and Hindi.

Zaheer Bawar

Quality Assurance Advisor

Zaheer Bawar, Canadian National with a BS in Information Technology and Masters in Software Quality Assurance from Ottawa, Canada, is the Technical Advisor of Ei and heads the overseas business too. He is a talented young man with 15+ years of experience in System Automation and Solutions Architecture. He is the pioneer to introduce, design and implement the National Banking Switch (APS) of Afghanistan. He has designed and implemented various automation projects in Afghanistan as well as in Canada. He is fluent in Pashto, English and Persian.

Abdul Wahab Elam

General Manager

Abdul Wahab Elam, a Software Engineer by profession, is the General Manager of Ei. He has BCE from Afghanistan, with years of experience in team management and business development. He has a number of certificates in Management from Europe and Afghanistan, where PMP is worth mentioning. Mr. Elam has managed one of the most critical portions of eNID. He has delivered multiple successful projects to the clients including government sector and NGOs. He is Pashto native and speaks, writes and understands English, Dari and Urdu.

Sahar Sadat

Administrative Auditor

Sahar Sadat is the Administrative Auditor of Ei. She has an Advanced Diploma in Finance from AAI and BBA from Rana University. She did her first project in Ministry of Finance in HR and Treasury Directorates. She has more than 5 years experience managing the accounts and books of different entities, the administration and HR. She is a self-motivated and enthusiastic person with professional attitude, excellent communication, analytical and problem-solving skills. She is a Persian (Dari) native with excellent command on English and Pashto. She understands and speaks Urdu too.

Farooq Azam

Head of BD/Pre-Sales

Farooq Azam, a Canadian National, with a Bachelors Degree in Global Politics and Economics from Canada and a Masters of Science in Global Politics from UK, is the Head of Business Development and Pre-Sales Support. He has more than 10 years experience in business development with national and international entities. A dedicated and professional manager with excellent communication and analytical skills, Farooq has closed a number of deals with the government of Afghanistan. He is English native, with excellent command on Pashto, Persian and Urdu.

Najia Raufi

CAD Modeler

Asst. Professor. Najia Raufi is the CAD Modeler of Architecture and Data Center Departments. She has a BS. Hons in Architecture from Kabul Polytechnic University, along with certifications and courses in Auto CAD, SAP, SAFE, ETABS, REVIT, 3Dhome and MS. Visio. She has worked as Asst. Professor of CAD in Kabul Polytechnic University. She usually speaks on local TV channels as an inspiration to the female Afghans. She was a member of 15th Kabul Polytechnic Students Conference. She is a dedicated person and a professional engineer. She speaks Persian and has good command on English & Pashto.

Ali Khan

Finance Advisor

Ali Khan is the Financial Advisor of Ei.He has BSC in Commerce, MBA and MSC. Economics. With more than 10 years experience in Financial System Analysis, Design and Development for NGO's, Construction/Logistics Companies, Government Organizations, Consultancy Firms, Production Companies, Re-seller/ Distribution Businesses, Universities and educational institutes, he is the Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor for Afghanistan. He has been working with Ei since 2014. He speaks, writes and understands Pashto, English, Persian and Urdu.

Mohammad Riaz Saadat
Workshop Manager

Mohammad Riaz Saadat, the Workshop Manager of Ei,and the President of SanS is a young talented individual, entrepreneur and professional project manager. Besides being the Hafiz of Quran, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and Mathematics from the Education University of Nangarhar. Beside the technical and administrative management of SanS, he carries out the import of Saadat Fashion, a subsidiary of Ei. He is fluent in Pashto, Dari, Arabic, Urdu and English.

Nazifa Azghari

Administrative Officer

One of the most senior employees of InteracTech in terms of tenure duration,Nazifa Azghari is the Administrative Officer of Ei. She has been working with InteracTech Solutions since its establishment and has made a very vital contribution to the business and administration. With a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, she has good communication skills. She faces challenges in the administration and solves them quickly. Persian Native, she speaks English and Urdu fluently.

Esmatullah Sakhi

Technical Assistant

Esmatullah Sakhi, one of the oldest employees of InteracTech Solutions in terms of continuous employment, is the Technical Assistant of the Networking Team. He has years of experience in Structured Network Cabling and Cable Management. He finds unbelievable solutions to the paths where cabling seems to be almost impossible. He has done the structured cabling of many Data Centers and has a very good image with all the clients. He supports the procurement team in selecting the type and model of network accessories. He is Pashto native, with elementary command on English and Urdu.

Salahuddin Malek Asem

Trade Consultant

Salahuddin Malek Asem, the Trade Consultant of Ei has been leading and supervising different projects since 1999 with National and International entities. He did his schooling from Birmingham, UK and went to Pakistan for higher studies. From Pre-Sales Support up to Signing Off the projects, he leads and supervises each and every activity, follows up the clients and manages the projects on the basis of the schedule and budget. He speaks, writes and understands Pashto, English, Persian and Urdu

Success Stories

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    May 31, 2017
  • Smart Systems
    February 14, 2017
  • BPC Russia
    November 8, 2015
  • APS Kabul
    December 25, 2016


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